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Here’s a few favorites from the upcoming Be Home catalog that I just finished working on…162 pages. Lots of work and lots of cool products..


I like to help launch small businesses and  Tia Maka’s Tamales was a fun project. Sandra Jimenez has always made tamales for friends and wanted to start a new business. I helped her with photography by emphasizing the homemade quality of her food, the ingredients, the sauces and the deliciousness. I’d like one now, please.

steaming chicken tamales on the stove

20131121_0135 20131121_0085 20131121_0152

peerless coffee, photo by Lori Eanes, advertising, poster,

Peerless Coffee is one of Oakland’s oldest coffee roasting company, a family run business started by John Vukasin in 1920. Besides making incredible coffee, the company has a collection of museum quality coffee artifacts, many still in use. It’s always interesting to have authentic artisan elements to work with and to see one of the photos made into a modern poster is pretty cool too!

20120927_0012 20120927_0257

peerless coffee, photo by Lori Eanes, coffee beans, roaster,

peerless coffee, photo by Lori Eanes, coffee,

SierraCover_20150212_0034Sierra Magazine featured four urban farmers from my book Backyard Roots for their annual Food issue! Above, Jonathan Chen,  became the director of the Danny Woo Community Garden in Seattle after surviving cancer as a college student. He worked with immigrants in the terraced downtown garden and introduced a kids program and chickens. Other urban farmers included Alex Winstead, an organic mushroom farmer who began his career as a hobby growing mushrooms in his basement, Rachel Hoff and Tom Ferguson who lived for a year without setting foot in a grocery store and Lee Kindell who introduced kids to aquaponics at his downtown hostel. Check it out at the sierra